Designing a Beautiful and Functional Bathroom

Five tips to designing a beautiful and functional bathroom!

Maximize the feeling of space

Items like wall hung vanities, a simple wall basin set up, wall-hung toilet are all minimalistic in their design and will create a feeling of space.  If you only have a small area, opt for light colour tiles and large mirrors to create the illusion of more space.

Get the line of sight right

The first impression from the doorway is an essential consideration.  Feature vanity, tiled feature wall or a freestanding bathtub is often preferable to a toilet, which should be kept out of the line of sight.

Consider wet and dry zones

The wet zones form around a shower or bath and should be situated at the end of a room, out of the path of a vanity or toilet which may be used more often, it keeps the socks dry!

Select the most useful bathroom fixtures

When deciding on your floor plan, think about what should be included.  Be sure to think about ‘WHO’ will be using the bathroom when choosing the type of furniture / fixtures for your space.

Have enough storage

When deciding on your furniture, be sure to choose a unit that will have enough storage for the people who will be using it.  Storage can be increased by using a wall medicine cabinet which provides extra storage in a hard to reach place or the popular linen tower.



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