Bathroom Safety Products

Safety, comfort, peace of mind and functionality in the bathroom is important for people with joint pain, muscle weakness, or a physical disability. . . But your bathroom doesn’t have to look like a medical institution.  No need to give up style with Bath Safety products from manufactures like Longevity,  Moen or Delta or American Standard.   When it comes to bath safety, you have a lot of options. Which options are best for you depends on whether your bathroom will be used primarily by children, seniors or physically challenged adults.

The Walk-In Bath

American Standard Walk-In Baths eliminate the struggle and strain associated with getting into standard bathtubs.  Low entry, walk-in door, chair-height seat, built-in handrail and texture bathtub floor are just a few features that allow independence and safety.

American Standard’s outward opening door walk-in bath provides added convenience and interior space when entering and exiting the bath.  As with the standard walk-in baths, the Outward Opening Door provides enough space to bathe without sacrificing style and performance.


Low Threshold Walk-In Showers

Shower comfortably, safely and independently with the unique seated shower by American Standard that fits in the space of a standard bathtub.  Fully open on one side, the seat allows easy-transfer in and out of the shower.  An easy access, low threshold and built-in, wrap-around grab bar offers superior safety and security.

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Safety Grab Bars for the Bathroom

You may need to have safety bars in your bathroom.   Getting in and out of a bathtub can be difficult even when mobility isn’t an issue. One of the most important safety enhancements to any bathroom are safety Grab bars that are attached strategically to walls in the tub and shower area to offer a steadying brace while getting in and out of the bath and shower, when standing in the shower and, if needed, when getting up and down from the toilet, greatly lowering your risk of a fall. Grab bars should be secured vertically or horizontally to the wall, not diagonally.

Towel bars should not be used as grab bars, unless they happen to be from a company that combines a safety bar feature built into the towel bar rack, like the Decor Assist products from Delta.

The toilet

Raising the toilet seat height can help prevent falls. Higher bowls are easy on the knees, both sitting down and standing up. Most toilets offer both regular Round-Front or Elongated Bowls for increased comfort and ease of use. Soft close seats do not have to be rested when you close them.  It’s a nice option for arthritic hands!  There are also seats designed to stay in place without shifting or getting loose over time.  Skirted toilet bowls will make a big difference with the ease of  cleaning.  Consider a toilet with a sensor for flushing.  The Clean Activate Toilet from American Standard features touchless flush technology.  Simply wave your hand within 2 inches from the sensor to activate a flush with the Germ-Free ActiVate flushing solution.

Consider a special seat called a Washlet bidet. It helps you clean your bottom without using your hands. It sprays warm water to clean, then warm air to dry.