The Bathing Specialists

The combined knowledge, skills and fresh approach of Aquatica‘s team of designers from young and cutting edge, to well-versed and technically experienced, have allowed us to approach the bath not as an object but rather as a sensation; the bathroom not simply a utility but a haven of self-indulgence. Every one of our products aims to transport you into a realm of luxurious pleasure.

Much of our success lies in our rich tapestry of skills drawn from talented team members across Europe and the United States. Drawing upon the inherent strengths of different countries, cultures and knowledge bases has allowed the company to refine its expertise to the highest of levels in all departments.

Design has its roots in Italy, but refinement of design and process, product innovation and problem-solving are achieved through the collective understanding and input of people from many different cultures and backgrounds. Business planning, management, sales and marketing are provided by teams of experts, armed with degrees from the most reputable US and European Business schools. Manufacturing calls upon the superior craftsmanship and engineering skills of our Eastern European division; customer service delivers support in seven different languages.

The result? A globally outstanding range of products which all benefit in much greater measure from the sum of all their talented contributing parts.